In its June 2008 edition, Game Informer magazine included two Rolenta Press books in its list of the top ten video game books of all time:

* Phoenix was named the #2 videogame book of all time.

* Confessions of the Game Doctor
  was named the #5 videogame book of all time.





Interview with Leonard Herman on Digital Press Podcast

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  • The Tetris Story

  • Forewords by Ted Dabney & Chris Kohler

Leonard Herman has done it again.
   Ralph Baer Inventor of the home videogame console

Phoenix is a must-read, must-study, must-own for anyone proclaiming a love for the gaming industry.
  Dan "Shoe" Hsu, former editor-in-chief, Gamesbeat and Electronic Gaming Monthly

Phoenix is one of the most impressive and comprehensive accounts of the history of video games.
   Mike Mika, Game Developer and Game Historian

Phoenix is the cornerstone upon which every serious videogame enthusiast should start building their own library.
   Roberto Dillon, author of The Golden Age of Video Games

The video game industry has a history of record. Its title is Phoenix.
   Steven Kent, author of The Ultimate History of Video Games

An incredible treasure trove of information.
Blake J. Harris, author of Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation

Young or old, gamers will no doubt appreciate the effort poured into this massive book.
   Marc Saltzman, syndicated columnist, author, speaker and TV/radio personality

People calling themselves 'game historians' today should be using Phoenix as their backup for fact-checking. 
  Joe Santulli, Curator, National Videogame Museum

Phoenix is where the serious study of the game industry began.
Chris Charla, Director, ID@Xbox at Microsoft

This is the book that experts, such as myself, respect and use as a resource.
   Professor Michael Thomasson, Canisius College

Phoenix (in any of its editions) is still the first place to start any study of gaming history.
  Game Informer

Phoenix is the most fascinating book to ever tackle the subject.
Kris Randazzo, Editor-in-Chief,, former writer,

Phoenix 4 (and all future updated editions) will remain the definitive text on this part of video game history.
Walter Day, Founder of Twin Galaxies