I've met several celebrities during my life. When I was five I walked past the Beatles as they strolled along the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Too bad I didn't know about autographs!

I attended religious school with Jay Greenspan, better known as Jason Alexander from Seinfeld.

I met Robert Wuhl (Arli$$, The Bodyguard, Batman, Bull Durham) twice at a comedy club. He lived in an apartment until he was five. When his family moved out, my family moved in.

Today my celebrities are the people who are involved in different aspects of videogames. I have been lucky enough to meet many of them as these photographs attest.

Ralph Baer (Odyssey)
The Father of Videogames
July 21, 1998

Steve Wozniak
(Apple, Breakout)
August 22, 2004

Nolan Bushnell (Atari)
The Father of the Videogame Industry
May 14, 1999
Al Alcorn (Pong)
May 12, 2000

Jacob Ziv
(Lempel-Ziv Algorithm)
Parent of Data Compression
September 3, 1999

Joe Decuir
(Atari 2600/800; USB)
July 29, 2000

Ed Logg
August 14, 1999

Eugene Jarvis (Defender)
April 24, 1999

Howard Scott Warshaw
(VCS Yars' Revenge, ET)
July 29, 2000

David Crane (Pitfall
& Garry Kitchen (VCS Donkey Kong) 
August 14, 1999

Dennis Koble
May 13, 1999

Bill Kunkel
, Joyce Worley
Arnie Katz
(Electronic Games)
August 22, 1998

Dan Kramer
(Atari 5200 & 2600 Trakball)
May 13, 1999

Rick Dyer
(Dragon's Lair)
August 14, 1999

Jay Smith
(Vectrex, Microvision)
August 11, 2001

John Harris
August 12, 2001

Mike Mika
(Gameboy Yars' Revenge)
August 22, 1998

Mchael Thomasson & Penn Jillette
August 11, 2001

Warren Robinett
(2600 Adventure)
August 10, 2002

Bob Brown
(Home Pong, Starpath)
August 10, 2002

John Sellers
(Arcade Fever)
August 10, 2002

Tommy Tallarico
(Videogames Live) & Gregory Herman
December 30, 2010

Walter Day
Twin Galaxies
September 13, 2014