We fell in love in high school
    It was our own story-book romance
    We could be cool as cucumbers
    But baby we could dance
    All the right moves and ways
    We were leaders to be followed
    And to think that it would not go on
    Was just a little too much to swallow

    We married soon after college
    I was your knight in shining armor
    We made mad love at every chance
    And you called me your Prince Charmer
    We planned on kids and picket fences
    And that happily ever after
    But now that love we saved so long
    Seems to be fading even faster

    Two lovers too soon, two lovers too fast
    To love one another to make it last
    Two lovers too young to ask what its for
    Two lovers tonight, tomorrow no more

    We never shared our feelings
    Or our secrets or our fears
    We flashed our toothpaste smiles
    But turned to hide our tears
    We were admired by all we knew
    As the perfect rising couple
    But the ocean of love we shared
    Had dried up to a puddle

    We were actors cast in separate parts
    But the play has reached its end
    And I know its hard to accept the fact
    That two lovers cant part as friends
    But we were kids too young to know
    That life was more than fun

    But now were older and were smarter
    And we know our love is gone


    © 1990 by Leonard Herman